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STOP using CALL TO ACTIONS (CTA’s) in your Ads…

We have put a STOP to adding Call To Actions (CTAs) to our ad creatives… (Yes, you read that right)… And you should do the same…

A Call to Action always shows the end-user that the video or image they are looking at is an advertisement. This isn’t what you want if you try to sell or get someone’s interest. So, instead, we have been using Call to Values. A Call to Value (CTV) gives your reader or viewer encouragement to proceed with your ad without being forceful the way a Call to Action (CTA) would be.

Things like SHOP NOW and BUY NOW are strong calls to action, but when prospecting on channels like Facebook and TikTok, it also immediately says ADVERT when they see it in the creative…

Instead, replace your Call To Action with a Call To Value.

Call to Action = SHOP NOW Call to Value = GET YOUR PERFECT SWING

Call to Action = SHOP NOW Call To Value = GET ORGANISED

Start testing and we bet you see improved results!