The Facebook Ad Algorithm and How We Stay Ahead of it…

A topic a lot of people like to degrade or make out as some sort of ‘scam’, we can assure you that the Facebook ads algorithm is not a ‘scam’, and is in fact, controlled by you…

Let me explain…

Facebook is free for us to use. So how does it make money? It has an ads platform in which advertisers pay to serve content in front of Facebook users.

That means for Facebook to be able to have advertisers willing to pay them for the privilege, they must first have a base of users.

To have that userbase, the platform must be worth using, and for that, Facebook must listen to what it’s users want. So they developed an algorithm that learns what users want by seeing what they engage and interact with and try to serve more of the same to them. By liking a post or watching a video from start to finish, you’re telling the algorithm that this is what you enjoy.

The Facebook ads algorithm works on ‘ranking signals’. Those ranking signals are:

  • What the user typically engages with
  • The media format (image, video, link, etc)
  • The popularity of the post

Simply put, you just need to put good content out there.

But how do you know what will be good? Simple, you test, test and test again.

Testing is vitally important not just for organic content but for ads, too.

Testing will give you definitive answers and data on what your audience likes, wants to see and want to talk about.

We stay ahead of the ads algorithm using these ranking signals, as well as past data that already exists and we deploy it into a split-testing strategy.

We then take the winner or winners of the testing phase and scale them from there.

It’s not easy, but it works, and it works well.

If you have 5 or 6 different audiences (or more), for example, you need to make sure there is minimal to zero overlaps between them to compare the effectiveness of them, as well as the effectiveness of your ads, placements, and delivery options to truly discover what works best for your business.

The truth is that it CAN get messy, but with the right systems in place, it will be organised, structured and you’ll hopefully find your winning strategy and continue to develop it from there.

But also keep in mind that as you scale, strategies will change. The strategy that got you to £10,000 per month is not that same one that will get you to £100,000 per month.

That’s why having the ability to adapt and deploy more complex and advanced strategies as you scale, is key.

The algorithm is always changing, and probably will always continue to change, so to continue to get great results month after month, it’s critical that you stay up to date on all of the latest changes, so you can use them to your advantage.

Staying so in-the-loop and up-to-date on advanced Facebook & Instagram ads is one of the things our customers love about us and something we work hard on.

We leverage these advantages by making swift changes when we see new opportunities, resulting in awesome wins for our customers while everybody else is figuring out how to catch up!

If you’re wondering what kind of results you could get with an agency like us, fill out this quick form to schedule a chat. We’d love to dive into your goals, hopes and hurdles and see how we can help you achieve more success with Facebook ads.