Is Now a Good Time To Run Facebook Ads? Yes, And Here’s Why…

Ok, before you say anything, we know we are biased, but hear me out…

People seem to be rushing to axe their marketing budgets when funds take a plunge, but cutting your marketing efforts as a whole is definitely not a solution to your problem, you just have to pivot.

Your messaging should always be relevant to current times and address any elephants in the room. You can help yourself come up with better messaging by using a customer persona worksheet [download].

So, why should you be running Facebook Ads?

The Facebook ads platform works in an auction format. The quality and relevance of your ads will get you better results across the board, as you begin ‘winning the auctions’.

Better results initially mean cheaper CPMs (cost per thousand impressions. The ‘m’ is the Roman numeral for thousand). With Facebook already being an extremely cost-effective way of advertising, businesses are panicking and ceasing their ads, meaning there is less competition in the auction.

In a nutshell, right now you can get your message out there for cheaper than before, as long as your ad is good quality and relevant to the target audience.

So, in a time where revenues are low, why would you NOT invest in reaching more people cheaper than before? Your advertising budget can now go even further with Facebook ads.

Now is not a time for super-salesy, desperate messaging, now is a time to build audiences, so that you can pull yourself out of revenue drops a few weeks or months down the line and build some serious momentum.

If you’re wondering just how much you can PIVAAT and turn your messaging and the success of Facebook ads around with an agency like us, fill out this quick form to schedule a chat. We’d love to dive into your goals, hopes, and hurdles and see how we can help you achieve more success with Facebook ads.